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Marathon Diet: Plan, Menu, Recipes For Marathon Runner

Marathon Training Foods

Marathon DietIn order to run for a marathon race, it is not only the training that is important, but a consistency has to be maintained on many other fronts. Among these, diet plays an important role in a marathon runner.

Inclusion of specific food in your diet keeps the long lasting energy to build up your stamina in distance running.

Therefore a marathon training diet should be incorporated in the training schedule.

Carbohydrates are the integral part of a marathon diet menu . As a plane requires fuel to fly, marathon runner requires carbohydrates to run for a long distance. Almost 60% of marathon diet menu should comprise of complex carbohydrates. This is because complex carbohydrates breakdown at a steady rate and supply the required energy at a constant pace for a marathon runner.

Complex carbohydrates also provide vitamins and minerals.

Food rich in complex carbohydrate are: oatmeal, brown rice, whole wheat, bran and maize. A person can include pastas, brown bread, spaghetti, potatoes, lentils, beans, peas etc in his diet.

Protein: marathon diet menu should include 30% of proteins. They are necessary for building healthy muscle and ligaments.  Lean meat, eggs, fish, chicken, almonds, dates and milk products give fair amount of protein content.

Fat foods should be 10% of marathon diet.

Water and other sports drinks compensate the loss of fluid and elecrolytes during a race.

No junk food. Diet Menu for Marathon Runner

Morning breakfast: breakfast cereal, oat meal, slice of bread, eggs.

Lunch: fish, lean meat, baked potatoes and vegetables and salads, wheat bread. See also Runner’s Diet

Snacks: almonds, nuts, bananas and apples, milk.

Dinner: chicken, wheat bread, fruits, stew, tofu, yogurt etc.

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